Mahoning Unlimited Classroom

Making a Difference

  • Program Benefits...
    *  Provides quality education at NO COST to students and parents.
    *  Provides students with a structured and sequential program that is aligned with state and/or national standards.
    *  Allows students to work at their own pace (Student must work a minimum of 27 hours per week between the days of Monday-Sunday)
    *  Students receive both enrichment and/or remediation as needed.  Our Lab is open Monday-Friday from 8:30am-3:00pm.
    *  Provides Ohio certified teachers (provided by MCESC) and on-campus tutoring for those who need additional assistance.
    *  Provides parents with on-going progress.
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  • MUC Board meeting 06/18/2018
    1:00 pm @ MUC
    (Starts June 11th/Concludes July 20th)
    (the MUC enrollment Pack will be collected starting Aug 1st 2018) (After turning in enrollment pack starting Aug 1st '18, ALL STUDENTS must call MUC to set an appointment for Orienation Meetings) 
    An Ohio Community School opening doorways, creating opportunities and extending boundaries for those students who need, or desire, education in a setting other than a traditional school model.
       * Call MUC for info on registering for FALL Start of OHIO 22+ Program.  22+ allows former students age 22 and older to get their High School Diploma.
    Located in Southern Park Mall inside the Southern Park Academy.
    Call 330-533-8755 extensions 1181 or 1180 to enroll now.