• Frequently Asked Questions for Mahoning Unlimited Classroom
    Question: What does it take to succeed at Mahoning Unlimited Classroom?
    Online learning is a lot like a regular classroom, but there are some differences.  You'll need to have a lot more self-discipline to make sure you stay on track with your assignments, quizzes, and exams.  You'll also need to sharpen your time management and organizational skills.  Here are some indicators you'll do well in your online classroom:
    • You're self-motivated.
    • Your reading and writing skills are up to speed.
    • You've got great time-management and organizational skills.
    • You're comfortable with technology.
    To find out if you're in good shape for succeeding in the online classroom, Take our Preparing for Online Success Quiz.

    Question:  What subjects and grades are offered?
    Mahoning Unlimited Classroom Community School presently offers a comprehensive curriculum for grades K-12, serving presently students in grades 4-12. 
    Question:  How much does it cost? 
    The Mahoning Unlimited Classroom provides quality education at no cost to students and parents. 
    Question:  How many hours is my child required to be on the computer? 
    Students should plan to spend about 5 1/4 hours per day or approximately 26 1/4 hours per week to complete weekly coursework on and off the computer. 
    Question:  Do I need a computer and internet connection for my child to enroll?
    The Mahoning Unlimited Classroom loans a computer to every student enrolled, if need be.  An internet connection at home is required and reimbursement for monthly internet service during the time the student is enrolled in the school is available. 
    Question:  What happens if my child is struggling with the work?
    Students are provided remediation as needed.  Teachers/tutors/mentors are available to assist students and help monitor process.  Struggling students will be encouraged to attend the computer lab located at the Southern Park Mall to get live help.   
    Question:  Will my child be able to work at their own pace?
    Students will be required to complete weekly assignments as assigned, but have the entire week to complete them. Students may also work ahead if they are successfully completing previous coursework.  
    Question:  Can I use a school computer for personal use?
    No. Computers in the lab or loaned computers are for school use only.  When students enroll in Mahoning Unlimited Classroom, a Student Network/Internet User Agreement will be signed by both the student and parent. This agreement states that the network is provided for students to conduct research and complete assignments.  A filtering device is also installed on every computer which helps us keep users safe the school protected.  
    Question:  What is College Credit Plus (CCP)?
    Ohio’s new College Credit Plus can help you earn college and high school credits at the same time by taking college courses from community colleges or universities. The purpose of this program is to promote rigorous academic pursuits and to provide a wide variety of options to college-ready students. Taking a college course from a public college or university College Credit Plus is free. That means no cost for tuition, books or fees. If you choose to attend a private college or university, you may have limited costs. Please use the following links for more information:
    MUC may have an agreement with a local college for specific courses, however, you can choose to take College Credit Plus courses from any college that offers a course that would benefit your future. This could include online courses.
    All information posted is subject to change and more information will be posted as it becomes available.